We specialise in the sale of restored, rare & original or upgraded & modernised car audio from the 1950s right up to to the 2000s. We can upgrade them for connectivity or fully modernise them internally. We can take care of this process with the added peace of mind of fully warrantied work. We always keep the cosmetics of your radio original and any work we do is sympathetic to your car and in keeping with the integrity of the radio.

If you wish to have a valuation carried out for insurance purposes please send us images or details of the radio and condition etc and we can then send out a certificate of value.

We offer the best cash prices paid by anyone for your car radio or collection of radios, simply send in some photos. 

Nurses, NHS Staff and Ambulance Services enjoy discounts on any orders placed. Please get in touch before checking out and we will email you a discount code.

Owners Club Members enjoy a discount when ordering, simply inform us and we will email you a discount code.