Your classic car is just not complete without a classic radio. We specialise in audio from the 50s all  the way to the 2000s. With over 30 years automotive experience across classic car sales, classic car restoration, car audio upgrades and car audio restoration - we are uniquely qualified to advise on which audio was an  OEM option, period and model correct for your car. Whether you are going for concours or simply want to return to originality, our advice is always free, honest and informed. We are proud to supply some of the best restorers on all continents.

Best place to start is research the options that were available for the car when it was made, many had factory audio options but many more simply left the factory without a radio and it was up to the dealer to supply one. You can always drop us a line or better still, send us a photo of your dash, by email to or call us on +44 (0)2037939090 and we will be happy to advise on the correct radio for your car. 

Your car will either have an original dash or at some point had the dash modified to take a modern DIN sized radio. If original then you will either have two holes either side of a central aperture (called a spindle fit) in this case the radio is installed from behind and through, secured with nuts and washers on the knob shafts or spindles as they are called. The other common dash slot will normally be a 7 inch by 2 inch rectangular slot, this is a simple slot in installation. The vast majority of 1960s-1980s radios have a body width of 7 inches and a body height of 1.75-2 inches making installation simple.

 We always advise a professional installation.

At chromelondon we also offer mp3 auto-switch leads and full bluetooth adapters with our analogue radios. We have upgraded our anologue radios so these plug into the 6 pin / 7 pin din socket common on the rear of most classic car radios and connect via a 3.5mm jack to your digital device. Our new chromelondon autoswitch lead has surge protection to stop your device burning out, one metre long for convenience and has both male and female inputs.

In the past you would have to marry up a negative earth radio to a negative earth car, the same for positive. However chromelondon can supply an inverter which is a small box allowing any negative radio to be fitted into a positive earth car. Saves you the expense of converting your entire cars electrics and gives you a much wider choice of radios.

As we said from the start your classic car is just not complete without its original radio.

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